Orit Fuchs Lives and works in Tel Aviv‭, ‬a storyteller with a deep‭, ‬pure, and unquenchable appetite for artistic self-expression‭. ‬Her medium spans the gamut‭ - ‬sculptures‭, ‬painting‭, ‬typography‭...read more

Vivid Series

Vivid is a unique painting series that showcases women in unconventional moments, with each painting telling a compelling story. Unlike traditional portraits, these women exude confidence and attitude. The striking use of color and graphic language in the paintings


"Something Good is About to Happen" is an artistic series that captures loose lines and soft coloring, often depicting motion. The central concept of the series is the anticipation of something positive happening, and this feeling is conveyed to the viewer through the artwork itself.

Short Stories

The Short Stories Series features faceless women in natural moments, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in poetry and interpretation. Fuchs' color choices capture the intended emotions, resulting in a personal yet universal series that's deceptively simple yet genius.