Video Art

To create the animation, I began by storyboarding the video to plan out the sequence offrames and movements movements for the characters. Then, I used digital drawing software to create each frame individually, carefully crafting the details and movements to ensurea fluid and seamless animation.

This process was time-consuming, as each frame needed to be drawn and animated individually. However, the use of digital tools allowed me to easily make adjustments and edits as needed, without having to start fromscratch. Once all 842 frames were completed, they were compiledand edited together to create the final animation. This involvedadjusting the timing and sequence of frames to ensure themovements were smooth and the story flowed well.Video artworks are available in a limited edition of 8. The artwork isdelivered on a USB disk, accompanied by an installation filecompatible with screens of any size. The resolution of the videoensures a captivating experience, particularly on larger screens ifdesired, each artwork comes with a certificate signed and numbered by Orit Fuchs, guaranteeing its authenticity and uniqueness.

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