Orit Fuchs - ‬an artist‭, ‬a storyteller with a deep‭, ‬pure and unquenchable appetite for artistic self-expression‭. ‬Her medium spans the gamut‭ - ‬sculptures‭, ‬painting‭, ‬typography‭, ‬illustration‭' ‬knitting‭, ‬photography and more‭ - ‬whatever works best to bring her‭ ‬vision to life‭.‬

Having worked as an art director for some of Israel's top agencies‭, ‬Fuchs has a firm grasp on pop culture and gender roles in contemporary society‭, ‬which serve as a familiar backdrop against which her imagination unfurls‭. ‬Her understanding of the human psyche and her fierce talent morph into moving work that takes place somewhere in between fiction and reality‭, ‬capturing glimpses from wondrous perspectives‭.‬

The most central theme in her art is the female image and the various forms in can take in modern society‭. ‬Her female characters‭ ‬are imbued with the full spectrum of human emotion and state of mind‭.‬ It's creative journalism‭, ‬telling entire stories so many women could relate to with just a single portrait or illustrated moment‭.‬

What's particularly refreshing in Fuchs‭' ‬work is that she doesn't try to glamorize women or turn them into mundane objects of perfection‭. ‬Instead‭, ‬she seeks to capture their drama‭, ‬sassiness‭, ‬inner confidence‭, ‬unapologetic sex appeal‭, ‬and unadulterated charm‭. ‬In that sense‭, ‬her paintings from the VIVID Serirs are reminiscent of photographs of the elusive female soul‭. ‬They feel like‭ ‬looking through the eyes of a poet in love‭, ‬capturing all the spontaneous beauty and magic streaming from those women's expressions‭. ‬

Anoter testament to her unusual approach is her Short Stories Series‭, ‬depicting faceless women in trival‭, ‬yet beautifully natural moments‭. ‬Fuchs puts viewers in a poetic frame of mind and lets them fill in the gaps for themselves‭. ‬Her choice of colors evokes the emotion each piece is intended to capture‭. ‬This series feels personal and universal at the same time‭. ‬AT first glance‭, ‬it‭ ‬may appear extremely simple‭, ‬but it's the kind of simplicity that borders withe genius‭.‬

Orit's oil paintings definitely lean more toward‭ "‬high‭", ‬somewhat trippy art‭, ‬and that is the category where Fuchs's talent feel‭ ‬the most eclectic and unpredictable‭. ‬That being said‭, ‬they still feature that signature vibrancy and contemporary edginess‭.‬

Fuchs's sculptures are playful‭, ‬charmingly innocent‭, ‬and tastefully simplistic‭. ‬They include figures of women such as Sofia the‭ ‬Swimmer‭, ‬Miss Kate and The Capsule‭, ‬as well as Pinocchio characters and sumo wrestlers which can breathe life even to the gloomiest of environments‭. ‬Ehatever the particular characters‭, ‬they are all quaint pieces of art that represent the sense of wonder and joy of life which our inner child has managed to hold onto‭.‬

Fuchs has made her presence known in the international art scene‭, ‬with acclaimed projects and exhibitions in hubs like Toronto‭, ‬New York and Tokyo‭.‬

Art lovers in South Florida will have the unique chance to withness her inspiring work at the Aqua Art Fair during art week this‭ ‬year‭. ‬Her vision is bound to stand out even in an event as replete with artistic beauty as this one‭. ‬Stop by and say hello‭.‬

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